Margaret Wall is an Indian-American chef and author. Born and raised in Mumbai, India she is now based in the USA. Through her work in food she creates and shares traditional Indian dishes with exciting flavours and ingredients that are reflective of her upbringing and heritage. Her approach to cooking is simple and enticing with the use of earthy spices, fresh herbs & blends that are synonymous with India, based around dishes that are accessible and recipes are cooked from communities across India; many of which have been part of her own family for generations.

Margaret’s career in Indian food, spanning over a decade has stemmed from her love for authentic flavours, techniques of cooking and being able to share a fresh perspective on the cuisine. She strives to bridge cultural understanding between the East and the West working tirelessly via her cookery events, books, features, TV appearances and social media presence.

She firmly believe that to really develop skills and knowledge in a particular style of cooking you need to immerse yourself in it. With family roots in India, she spends a lot of her time extensively travelling across the Indian sub continent  exploring spices, recipes and cooking in her family homes. She also regularly meets with restaurateurs, food traders and friends in cities across India who share her passion for authentic Indian cooking.

When she was struggling to decide her career path, she found my true passion -“Cooking”. And this blog was born (this is one of the best decision, she has ever made)😀 she is a proud working woman/ entrepreneur now with a lot of future plans about she blog, about she photography, about she family and many more.

“I’m very passionate about cooking and even more passionate about food photography. I want to dedicate my efforts to all who inspired me and give their support to me 🙂”

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