Author: Margaret Wall

Hyderabadi Chicken Korma

There is such a variety of Kormas within regions of India; each using their unique techniques of cooking and ingredients that are synonymous with local communities. One of the most popular dishes from my cook book Indian Kitchen was the Hyderabadi green chicken masala. Apart from the inclusion of coriander & mint making it such a stand […]

Tandoori Fish Tikka

One of the most common dishes at seafood restaurants across Mumbai will always include Tandoori Pomfret. Pomfret was the preferred choice fish when I grew in the city. A flat fish, delicate and flaky which takes to the marinade and charred smokey tandoor flavours  really well. Buying pomfret was always a luxury (for us at least!) […]

Mango Barfi

Its finally here!! I think the best part of every year has got to be Mango season, especially when Alphonso mangoes come flooding through from April. Of course there are all sorts of varieties that are in season until late July. Pairi, Hapoos, Kesar, Totapuri and Dasehri are the one’s we would eat when I […]

Bengali Macher Chop

So many wonderful memories make up my regional food feast from cultures across India. Fish has always been a family favourite in our household and mum would try a variety of ways to cook them. Much like Bengalis in the east, Maharashtrians in the west of India bring in an abundance of seafood. Bengali Macher […]

Shahi Tukra

Diwali celebrations are all about indulgence and opulence. Nothing makes it even more special than sharing it with loved ones. I love entertaining during this festive season and cooking an array of Indian dishes is the ultimate way celebrating with those around. I’ll be cooking Mutton curry, Pulao, boondi raita, Chole Bhatura and also Shrikhand for dessert. This year […]

Parsi Kheema per Eeda

Chance are these days given the love for a plate of spicy kheema in my household, there are never any leftovers but if there every were I would still use to them to make a delicious meal with Indian dishes being my inspiration. My mother made a few things with leftover kheema that are probably […]

Maharashtrian Karanji

A happy holi to everyone celebrating; a festival of colours and feasting over some delicious Indian sweets. Making sweets at our home was always a family effort and especially when it came to making these little delights. Known in Mumbai and across the Maharashtrian community as Karanjis; they are little fried pastries stuffed with fresh […]

Andhra Royalla Vepudu

The coastal region of Andhra Pradesh is thriving with seafood. With the Bay of Bengal to the east, linking the Godavari and Krishna it’s no surprise that homes and restaurants include a variety of seafood specialties including fish, crabs and prawns. Most that visit the region of Andhra always assume that all the dishes are […]

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