Category: Meat

Parsi Kheema per Eeda

Chance are these days given the love for a plate of spicy kheema in my household, there are never any leftovers but if there every were I would still use to them to make a delicious meal with Indian dishes being my inspiration. My mother made a few things with leftover kheema that are probably […]

Kheema Pav

This is the one dish that I absolutely love. Well you probably think I say that about a lot of the recipes I feature on my website. But if your memories of eating Kheema Pav were anything like mine you would agree when I say it is THE quintessential dish in Indian cafes and street […]

Raan Musallam

Raan or Whole roast leg of lamb; served for its ostentatious presentation and long cooking time. The dish is painstakingly prepared using classic spices, marination and cooking techniques which when eaten give a sense of it all. Some of the finest Raan I have eaten is at Dum Pukht at ITC in Delhi, India which […]

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